Isidro Pérez García

Campesino Urbano Artist

Spiral Table

El Des-Archivo

Spiral Table, 2022. Constructed from scrap wood pieces from the carpentry shop where I used to work as an undocumented worker. In collaboration with my brother Martín Alvarado. Dimensions: 17 ft x 22 ft x 33 in. The Spiral Table is covered with dirt from my back yard and ~900 Sacrificial Hearts/Corazones Chuecos/Unbricks.

Spirals are known throughout Ixachilan (i.e., the word for “the Americas” in Nahuatl) as wind symbols, water symbols, symbols of journeys, and symbols of knowledge. Spiral journeys were also journeys of migration – often to find or return to a center.

In addition to the many ancestral meanings associated with spirals, my relationship with my brother is part of this table. For many years, my brother and I worked together at a furniture-making factory – me as an undocumented worker and my brother Martín as my manager. I also originally crossed the US-México border with Martín in the 1990s, both of us unaccompanied minors. These experiences are also part of the journeys referenced by the spiral form and built into the table.

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