Isidro Pérez García

Campesino Urbano Artist


Update on “Por Debajo de la Mesa”

Debajo de la mesa
Tule & Cattails

Here are some photos from the start of an cross-border, cross-disciplinary weaving collaboration that I’ve been working on, titled “Por Debajo de la Mesa: Terreno Familiar.” For two weeks in June/July 2023, we hosted two artist collectives from Michoacán, MX (ProArte México) and Xochimilco, MX (Plan Acalli) to collectively work on weaving with tule (aka cattails). As three art collectives joining together, we worked on weaving a set of giant chairs. We also hosted workshops at El Centro Cultural de México for the community to work with the plant as well. In the first workshop, led by ProArte México, people worked on weaving tiny chairs that can be used as cell phone holders. In the second workshop, led by Ehécatl Morales from Plan Acalli, together we created a tularco, which is a tradition from Xochimilco. This set of activities was a first step towards creating a series of artworks that will use weaving with the tule plant to talk about themes of migration, capitalism, land, labor, relationality, and art. More to come for “Por Debajo de la Mesa: Terreno Familiar”!