Isidro Pérez García

Campesino Urbano Artist

Máscaras de carnaval | Masks for Carnaval

La mesa indocumentada

Máscaras de carnaval / Masks for Carnaval, 2020. In collabration with family members. Made with aserrín (sawdust) from DWI Enterprises woodshop, obsidian stones, and found objects.Dimensions: Approximately 14 in. x 21 in. each.

These types of masks, made of sawdust, are made for the festival of Carnaval every year in my rancho in Hidalgo. Since immigrating to the U.S., we had stopped making them, even though myself and several family members worked in a woodshop for many years where we had ready access to sawdust. As a way of engaging in this memory with my family, I asked my brother to gather sawdust from the woodshop and re-teach us how to make these masks. Each mask was a collaboration between a family member (who designed and started each mask) and myself. For the exhibition of La sala de la mesa indocumentada, these masks were displayed on the wall around the table – made with sawdust from the same workshop where the table was originally made.

There a total of seven masks, each made in collaboration with a different family member.

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